Blue Power Energy Ltd.

Blue Power Energy Ltd is dedicated to harnessing the power of the oceans around us and transforming the power of waves into a sustainable and renewable energy source.

Wave Power Technology

Ocean Energy is a huge untapped, renewable, carbon free energy resource.

So why are we not exploiting this limitless , clean energy. The answer is that the technology does not presently exist. In the last 20 years a number of companies have become involved in research & development in this area but as yet nobody has developed an Wave Energy Converter that can economically convert Ocean Energy into a usable electrical supply.

If a commercial viable Wave Energy Converter can be developed and can be demonstrated to work in the harsh marine environment the worldwide market for such a device is enormous. The figure below shows wave energy potential in Western Europe alone. The figures are in Kw per linear meter of wave front.

 “If Saudi Arabia has been blessed with oil, Ireland has been blessed with ocean energy” – Conor Haughey