About us

Blue Power Energy, Wave power, renewable energy
Blue Power Energy Ltd. is a wave power technology development company.

Blue Power Energy is an Irish based, technology company founded in 2008 by Conor Haughey and Damien Browne, to develop and commercialise a patented innovation technology for the conversion of ocean wave energy into cost efficient, clean, renewable energy power.

Since its formation, the Company has adopted a product development technology strategy that involves two phases. The first phase involves the development by Blue Power Energy, of a Power Take Off unit( PTOU).
The PTOU is the heart of any Wave Energy Device. It absorbs the  power from the device and converts it into electricity. The efficiency with which it does this is critical to  commercial viability of the device. Our PTOU has been tested in the Hydraulics Marine Research Centre in UCC  where it was proved to be highly efficient with good power smoothing characteristics

Having perfected our core PTO technology, Blue Power Energy is focusing on developing its own complete Wave Energy Converter (WEC), incorporating and maximising our innovative PTO unit.

Our objective is to develop a commercially viable 20Kw Wave Energy Converter.